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Labial Reduction

What is Labial Reduction?

More and more women are seeking female genital surgery to correct a number of problems relating to their vulvas. The two most popular types are labial reduction for correcting enlarged labia minora or mis-shapen labia minora, and vaginal tightening surgery or vaginoplasty, for correcting vaginal relaxation or a loose vagina. 

Whether they are unhappy or embarrassed with the looks of their vulva or if their elongated/mis-shapen labia minora are causing them pain or embarrassment - female genital surgery can correct these problems.

When the surgery selected is for reducing the labia minora, it is referred to as "labioplasty." When a woman's loose vagina is tightened, it is referred to as vaginoplasty for correcting "vaginal relaxation."

Some of the more common reasons given by women to seek labial reduction include;

What you, and he are experiencing, is something called "Vaginal Relaxation" the medical term for having a "loose vagina."


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